The DUMBO Acronym Project

In honor of the DUMBO Improvement District’s 10 year anniversary, we tapped DUMBO’s creative agencies to create a series of original posters that reinterpret the acronym DUMBO, which stands for Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass (but you already knew that). The project was originally conceived by the BAM Connection, a creative agency based in 20 Jay, and was produced in partnership with them.

Here's a round up of ideas we received from BAM Connection, Brooklyn United, Carrot Creative, Frank Collective, Huge, Pensa, Red Antler, Tendigi, Toda, and Work & Co. for our May 19th party in the Archway.

We invite you to send us your #dumboinspired phrases @dumbobid!

[gallery link="file" ids="24490,24489,24488,24487,24486,24485,24484,24483,24482,24481,24480,24479,24478,24477,24476,24475,24474,24473,24472,24471,24470"]