The 1st Snow of 2012 Might Not Rival 2011, But…

DUMBO is prepping for the worst (and the first) snow storm it's seen since, well, the end of last winter. Two - four inches are expected to cover Brooklyn starting tonight at midnight and lasting through Saturday afternoon. It may not create drifts of five or six feet like we had in January 2011 and it surely shouldn't cripple the city like the great holiday storm last winter. However, it should be pretty and quiet and romantic around here for a few hours - see "While I Shovel the Snow" The Walkmen which was shot in Brooklyn Bridge Park during one of last year's storms:

The Walkmen "While I Shovel The Snow" from Jake Davis on Vimeo.

Below are some memories from some DUMBO folk of last year's snowy winter:

Bruce Silverglade, Gleason's Gym:
What I remember from last year's storm was the residents coming out to the gym in droves.  Sure the commuters stayed away, but the DUMBO crowd was still dedicated to their New Year's resolutions despite the feet of snow on the ground. They were tough. It was a proud moment.

Arun Krishnan, Pontiflex:
From the cobblestoned streets of DUMBO, one can see three of the most beautiful bridges in the world. I have always been struck by the silent majesty of the Brooklyn Bridge. Its immense and unchanging demeanor reminds me of how it has stood through so many events through history, so many hurricanes and so many snow storms. So during the blizzard of 2011, I took great comfort looking at this ancient monument and thinking that yes…this snow storm too shall pass.

Larry Legend, House of Legend:
I got back to the city after the first snowstorm had already happened, and before a second one.  I remember, around midnight, putting on my old winter boots that I had just brought back from my parents' house, and trudging around the neighborhood taking photos of the snow.  The snow made all the pictures look amazing.  I posted so many photos online that my friends started making fun of me.

I remember the snow having a calming effect on the city.  Since you had to take your time getting places, and yield to others in the single-file sections of sidewalk, everyone slowed down a bit and people were more courteous than usual.  The big city felt like small town for a few days.

Bob, Supervisor for the Doe Fund:
It all seems like a blur. During the first storm, I had to walk between all the neighborhoods on my route because the MTA was shut down. The Doe fund was out there clearing the Pearl Street Triangle and helping some folks get their cars out, but all-in-all DUMBO was pretty lucky to not have it as bad as most neighborhoods. Due to all the construction and the police garage down here, the streets were pretty clear.

Jane Kojima, Director of Events and External Affairs at the DUMBO BID:
DUMBO at first snowfall is magical... last year, while taking photos of the neighborhood, it was so quiet that you could hear the snow crunching between your feet and the Belgian block streets.

Alison Oblonsky, Dewey's Candy:
After the holiday snow, we were shut for three days! At least I got an extended vacation. But I'll take my snow in inches over feet any day!