Stewart/Stand Brings Style Cube Favorites to DUMBO

CH Marketing may be new to the neighborhood, but they are already well connected. The company, founded in 2005, is a marketing and distribution firm that wholesales brands to stores across the country, as well as to independent stores like Stewart/Stand in DUMBO. CH Marketing is also celebrating the launch of their online store, The Style Cube.

CH Marketing started collaborating with Stewart/Stand earlier this year to test their products. “There is nothing better than a retail store to test new products and obtain feedback directly from customers,” said VP of Operations Guillaume Guevara on the office’s new proximity to Stewart Stand. “With the unique products that CH Marketing distributes along with the excellent reputation of Stewart/Stand in the neighborhood, this relationship has created an ideal synergy between both businesses.”

Stewart/Stand carries three of the brands that CH Marketing distributes—Bombata, Pombos, and Uanyi. One of our favorites is Uanyi's customizable iPhone cases. They come with 80 assorted pixels so you can adjust your phone depending on your mood and style, and have a new case every single day!

Stop by Stewart/Stand at 141A Front Street (on the corner of Pearl) to check out the Uanyi iPhone cases and many other cool products from CH Marketing.