Say Hello to Production Company FACULTY

We are super-excited to welcome FACULTY, a multi-disciplinary motion design studio that specializes in animation, motion graphics, live action and VFX, to the neighborhood. This studio has created everything from Sigor Ròs music videos to "Strengths Center", a web-based solution for Gallup that allows people to discover and develop their unique individual strengths. And for a recent collaboration with Whole World Water, FACULTY ideated, produced and animated this piece which launched Whole World Water's global initiative.

We recently caught up with FACULTY's Rafael Cubela:

What do you guys do?

FACULTY is a full-service production company and motion design studio based in Brooklyn, NY. We specialize in strategy & development for live action, animation, motion graphics & visual effects.

How did FACULTY get started?

After years of working at various ad agencies and production studios all over NY, London and Asia, founders Nas and Josh looked at each other on one very late night at their old company and said, "Wanna try to do this ourselves?" A couple of nods and a few months later, FACULTY opened up shop.

Why did FACULTY make the move to DUMBO?

When FACULTY started looking for a new studio space back in March, we knew that Brooklyn was the way to go— and DUMBO, with its vibrant design and technology community seemed like just the right place for our new home away from home. For us, having our neighbors as both potential clients and collaborators keeps us inspired, creative, and always on the look out to see what's next and what's possible. As proud Brooklynites (yes, we do all live in Brooklyn) we think that having our studio a quick bike ride or a few train stops away is awesome, and our clients never seem to mind taking that quick trip over the bridge to see our digs and have a delicious pie (but we won't get into the pizza debate!).

If you were going to show someone around DUMBO for an afternoon where would you take them?

We'd have them meet us over at Brooklyn Roasting Company for a Magpie artisan pop tart and an iced red eye and then pop into Powerhouse for a quick perusal to get our literary rocks off. We'd head over to 111 Front to check out a few of our favorite galleries before walking down the cobblestone streets past the Photoville Fence for a quick pit stop under the archway to grab a Yukari rice ball from Rice & Miso Everyday. After a very slow stroll past the dog run to admire a few of the playful pups we'd continue down Brooklyn Bridge Park towards Luke's for a tasty Lobster Roll which we'd enjoy while checking out Manhattan from the other (and better) side of the East River.

Fill in the blank: DUMBO is: Close to home, growing at the same pace we are, and smarter than your average part of town.