Say Hello to PhoneBar founder Zach Lewis

It's happened to all of us. You reach your rendezvous point just as your phone reaches the low zero battery point. You desperately shoot out text messages but it is to no avail as your screen goes black and regret sets in. You left your charger at home. Well, DUMBO-based startup PhoneBar wants to make this a circumstance of the past. When you head to festivals, concerts or other events, you can leave your charger at home and let PhoneBar keep you powered. Phone Bar will watch your phone as it charges while you enjoy your event.
We recently caught up with PhoneBar founder Zach Lewis:
What do you guys do?
PhoneBar provides live events and venues with interactive phone charging stations.
Why did you choose DUMBO?
Every company in DUMBO wants to be great and PhoneBar is no exception. There’s an energy in DUMBO that’s pretty infectious.  There’s also a really active community component to the neighborhood and we’re looking forward to being apart of it.
Favorite thing about DUMBO?
DUMBO has beautiful views and amazing architecture. The neighborhood has an especially lurid look to it at night time, particularly between 10 & 20 Jay Street.
What are Phonebar’s plans for the future?
PhoneBar wants to continue working with business throughout the country and keep people connected by providing convenience.
 Fill in the blank: DUMBO is the shiznit!