Q+A: Mark Jupiter

Mark Jupiter is a fourth-generation builder who lives and works in DUMBO and specializes in hand-crafted, locally-sourced home furnishings. As you might expect from someone who's great-grandfather hammered out the copper roofs on New York City's first skyscrapers, Mark embraces the story behind his products. At his 191 Plymouth Street showroom, which opened in October 2012, you can find everything from a dining table made from recently-demolished Tribeca townhouse to redwood media console made from a 20th century Upper West Side water tower.


Meet Mark, in his own words:

What do you do? I hunt down unbelievably beautiful pieces of wood, combine them with other locally found materials and create what I hope to be extremely special pieces of furniture. My goal is to create a bridge between high design and affordability.

Why DUMBO? Well the quick answer is that I live here...and have so for 6 years. To us DUMBO is truly among the great neighborhoods of NYC and with the great evolution it is experiencing now my wife and I thought it to be the perfect place to launch this company.

What's the one DUMBO staple you can't live without? Aside from my wife and daughter Daisy I would say its the incredibly quiet cobblestone streets at night. At the right hour they are simply empty and beautiful and are a place where I can get some great thinking done.

Fill in the blank: DUMBO is an enigma.

Mark Jupiter showroom hours are weekdays from 9:30 am – 5 pm, weekends from 12 – 5pm. To learn more, visit markjupiter.com.