Q+A: Eric Tanner of Tripwig

If vacation planning gives you a headache, check out DUMBO-based startup Tripwing. Tripwing partners with tour booking companies to offer complete itineraries for vacationers. With over 10,000 itineraries to choose from, Tripwing believes they can provide the perfect vacation anywhere in the world. DUMBO BID intern Caroline Reichert sits down with Tripwing’s Founder and CEO Eric Tanner to learn more about about Tripwing and what it takes to be an entrepreneur today.

Tell me about Tripwing.

Tripwing aims to build a home for itineraries on the web. There’s a lot of great travel resources out there but there are all focused on individual sites, hotels, flights, etc. There’s no platform for creating a good cohesive itinerary.

Are you a traveler yourself?

I am. I was a geography major in college, which gave me a sense of space and place. When you travel, you should have some kind of theme in mind, whether its geographic, historic, or culinary. If you only have three days in one place, you want to get the best sense of a location as possible.

Where’s the coolest place you’ve ever been?

I’m a sucker for man-made wonders of the world. The place that blew me away the most was Petra, Jordan.

How has working in DUMBO impacted your business?

I’m not an entrepreneur by trade. This is my first startup so being surrounded by other startups has forced me to get on their level. It’s been a pretty amazing learning experience.

What advice do you have for other aspiring entrepreneurs?

Being an entrepreneur is less about what your tangible skills are and more about your ability to learn, because you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into. Realism and pragmatism are more important than optimism. You have to be methodical. You can have a big picture and have dreams about running your own business where you have twenty people working for you and you sit in strategy meetings all day telling people what to do. But for the first couple years, you’re going to be doing everything, not just the fun stuff.

Here's Eric (second from left) and his team at the New York Times Travel Show this spring.

To learn more, check out Tripwing’s website and follow Tripwing on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.