Q+A: Metropolitan Home & Hardware

Metropolitan Home Hardware and Bath (20 Jay #M16) is a DUMBO-based showroom specializing in architectural door hardware, plumbing fixtures and fittings, furnishings and accessories. Recently, DUMBO BID intern Antoine Murray sat down with founders Carrie and Richard to discuss the neighborhood and the business.

DUMBO is an artsy neighborhood. How does your business fit into the mix?

DUMBO is very artsy! There's nobody like us in the area. We cater to the people that work in the building around us. Architects don't have to go into the city they can come here, and we also add a unique touch to the area and we add something that's not here.

What made you choose DUMBO?

DUMBO is exciting! It's full of arts and we feel very comfortable and at home here. DUMBO understands and appreciates our contribution to the new developments that are happening in the area. We love when our neighbors come into the showroom and want to remodel their home. It gives us a sense of trust.

What's unique about your business?

We're sort of a boutique company. We want to stay very focus on our clients. We're all about service. Richard's background is sales and Carrie's background in architecture and construction makes a remarkable team.  Together, it's a combined 60 years of experience.

What attracts you to DUMBO?

The buildings, cobblestone, a sense of love and passion for the art community, and also their understanding of our products. We're the only company that carries a line call Formani in the East Coast region. Formani s an hardware line based in Holland and we love to see when our fellow neighbors and developers come into our showroom and appreciate our products.