Q+A with Janet Borden

Janet Borden recently moved from Manhattan to DUMBO! We are excited to welcome her here to the neighborhood and look forward to seeing how her new art gallery will help to enhance the art scene in the neighborhood. We sat down with Janet to find out more about her gallery.


Tell us about Janet Borden Inc. and what kind of art you specialize in.

We are a contemporary art gallery that specializes in photography and we’ve been in business for 28 years. The first 28 we were in SoHo at 560 Broadway. We are much happier to be here in DUMBO–it’s very exciting and fun to be on the ground floor because you meet a lot of people. We’ve only been here a month, 6 weeks or so. We’ve been just getting ready. We are in our honeymoon and everyone is coming in individually. We are going to start our next show, and it's a real show that people are going to want to see. It's "Real Foods" photographed by Martin Parr. Martin Parr is a wonderful, famous, international photographer. He's from England and he has a huge following. He has made 90 books and they are very funny photographs.


How do you think being in DUMBO will help your business?

I just think it’s an up and coming place. I think it’s going to be fun fun fun! I can’t wait because we are getting all these new stores down here.


What are some of your favorite spots in DUMBO?

Almondine is my favorite spot in DUMBO. And I think the carousel is absolutely beautiful.


What are some of the things you like the most about DUMBO?

I like the scale of everything. There's air, and big, weird buildings.