Q+A: Terrence Kelleman of Dynomighty

In 2001, Terrence Kelleman was working at MoMA when he discovered some magnetic puzzle pieces in the trash. After playing around with the pieces, he created a pinless bracelet made exclusively of magnets. This product made from leftover scraps along with only $300 led to his launch of Dynomighty. After expanding to other product designs such as the popular Mighty Wallet, Dynomighty is now sold in over 60 countries worldwide and to over 1,800 stores in the US and is one of the fastest growing companies in the US.

On Wednesday April 16th, Dynomighty will be celebrating a couple of big moments for the company. They will be celebrating the seven year anniversary of the Mighty Wallet, the brand’s staple, the one year anniversary and re-launch of the Artist Collective, a program that supports artists by letting them create custom Mighty Wallet designs to sell on Dynomighty’s site, and the opening of their very first showroom!  In anticipation of tonight's grand opening, DUMBO BID Fellow Rachel Hamburger chats with the man and artist behind Dynomighty, Terrence Kelleman.

Tell us about Dynomighty Design! What is the inspiration and philosophy behind Dynomighty?

Dynomighty is an artistic and creative design company with the goal of inspiring and empowering our consumers and fans to be innovative, be creative and be mighty!

Dynomighty has been a brand since 2003, but this is the first physical showroom. What led to the decision to have a physical space?

Over the years I’ve talked a lot about having a place where we can support and promote the artists that work with Dynomighty. I’ve always wanted to run a “pseudo gallery” being an artist myself and this is the lucky offshoot to our bringing light manufacturing to our Brooklyn office. The space’s main functions will also house our custom print business but it will also allow us to host events along the theme “The art of business and the business of art” where we share some of the tips we’ve learned to be more creative in our business and also educate artists on being better in their business.


Tonight's event space launch party is the anniversary of the Mighty Wallet as well as the re-launch of the Artist Collective. What can we look forward to with the re-launch?

We’ve been able to significantly expand the Collective now that we’ve moved some of our printing operations to DUMBO.  We have added to the roster local New York artists, and artists all the way from Seoul, Korea! Since all artists receive 15 percent of every wallet sold, I think its a great that we can provide this platform to help artists make a living and reach a wider audience. To celebrate the Artists Collective there will be a live painting by Brandon Sines as well as artworks by LA2 / LAROC (keep your eyes open for a one-of-a-kind Lucky Cat!) and Joseph Meloy (AKA Vandal Expressionism). The main focus at the opening will be on the Artist Collective artists prints, they will be lining the walls and will be much bigger than the wallets so our guests can really spend time with the work. Many of our artists will be at the opening which is exciting for me, I love seeing a lot of creative people in one place.

What can we look forward to with the opening of the Dynomighty showroom?

The opening of the showroom is very exciting for a number of reasons! First, you’ll be able to look forward to our new products being rolled out and displayed on location throughout the year. We’ll also be co-hosting incredibly Mighty events with organizations like Stoked, who encourage young adults to reach for their dreams and think like an entrepreneur.

The space will also have a retail kiosk that will preview new Dynomighty products before they hit the market. During the day the space will be open to the public as a co-working space with free wifi and continuously streaming video art from Souvenirs from the Earth, an Art for your HDTV channel out of France started by a friend of mine Marcus Kreiss. Neighbors are welcome to come and gather the creative spirit of the Dynomighty brand while working on their own mighty endeavors.


Check out the Be Mighty! Event Space Launch Party tonight at 7! (80 John St.) There will be live wall paintings by Brandon Sines + LA ROC plus a peek at the brand new co-working space which is open to all! RSVP Here.