Q+A: Small Planet

DUMBO-based Small Planet is a mobile app developer that is dedicated to helping clients transform their business in the age of digitalization. Obsessed with creating superlative application and user experience, Small Planet has created a strong project portfolio including Disney’s Toy Story Read-Along that was presented by Steve Jobs on stage during the iPad Keynote. DUMBO BID intern Brian Chen spoke with Small Planet’s CEO Gavin Fraser to learn more about the innovative agency in 45 Main Street.


Why did you choose DUMBO? What are some unique features of this neighborhood?

I am from Brooklyn, I love Brooklyn, and I would love to live and work in Brooklyn. What better spot than DUMBO, a vibrant community full of creative friends? What is more, there is a strong sense of community truly makes DUMBO unique. There are tons of events for us to make friends, exchange ideas, and release our brain horsepower. It is just so natural and comfortable for me to work here! Moreover, being located in DUMBO has helped us significantly in competing for talent. People just love to work in DUMBO. Having said this, I have to give credit to the hard work of DUMBO BID – they really listen and cater to our needs. (ed note: Thanks Gavin!)


What do you see for DUMBO in the next five years?

Being surrounded by all these new developments, my best guess is a bigger and more prosperous community. The increase in the economic activities will certainly attract more startups and established businesses to DUMBO searching for growth and innovation. This organic growth driven by tech-based sector will continuously reshape, redefine, and celebrate our shared value as an open-minded and creative community. I am very positive about DUMBO’s growth of becoming a more mature and stronger neighborhood.

What are your favorite and must see spots in DUMBO?

I hate to say this, but I love everything in DUMBO. I love to show off our iconic Brooklyn Bridge and odd shops in DUMBO; seeing how my clients are dumbfounded by our amazing community just makes me feel proud (laugh). Personally, I love to get my lunch from Shake Shack or Luke’s Lobster and stroll along the waterfront walkway to Brooklyn Bridge Park, where I can enjoy my delicious lunch with inspiring view of lower Manhattan.


What recommendations do you have for the DUMBOnian who wants to turn their idea into a start up?

Getting some years of work experience could be helpful. This will provide people with opportunities to learn valuable business skills and confidence that are crucial to start their own. I know it is always difficult for us as human beings to step out from our comfort zone. However, for those who have strong faith in their ideas should not be afraid to fail and take action. Taking my experience as an example. Despite the apps market was relatively immature in 2009 when I started the Small Planet, I took action because I believe one day people out there will need someone like me to help them make native mobile applications. Even today, I still believe that there are more people who will want my services (knock on wood).