Q+A: Jeff Soto, Tendigi

Tendigi is a design and development studio that creates award-winning mobile products that have helped revolutionize the industry. We sat down with Jeff Soto, the founder and CEO, to explore this innovative app-making business.

How did Tendigi get started?

I started my professional career in California as an engineer at Apple. About 6 1/2 years ago I decided to start my own business based on my prior experiences in mobile design. I wanted to use technology in unique ways and I felt that opening a startup would give me the freedom to do what I wanted. The app industry is transforming the market and there are endless creative applications, which was very appealing to me.

The camaraderie among businesses and networking opportunities [in DUMBO] provides a lot of support for technology startups, so it wasn't a hard decision [to locate here].

Jeff Soto, Founder and CEO of Tendigi

Why did you choose to locate in DUMBO?

I'm originally from New York, so I'm very familiar with this city. I decided NYC was far more innovative in applied technology, so I moved back from California. The huge media and entertainment culture that exists here has helped drive the app industry. Specifically, DUMBO had a reputation for it's growing tech presence so I decided to check it out. I also decided to move to Vinegar Hill, which made my decision to stay in the neighborhood a lot easier. The camaraderie among businesses and networking opportunities provides a lot of support for technology startups, so it wasn't a hard decision. We're lucky to have moved into our current location at 45 Main St!

What kinds of services does Tendigi offer?

Tendigi designs and develops mobile apps for both small startups and corporate 500 companies. Our integrated process of strategy, design, and engineering has a proven record of delivering unique products. Whether it's software, hardware, or emerging technologies, our team is dedicated to creating human experiences in the mobile market.

Can you explain some of the featured apps on your website?

Nick Jr. was conceived by Nickelodeon after Apple asked the company to develop a family-friendly app. Tendigi collaborated with them to create software that allowed parents to monitor and control what programs their kids were using on their iPhones. As one of the first parent-focused apps for the Apple Watch, it was a huge success. The Nick Jr. app is consistently featured in the App Store's Editors' Choice category.

IEEE allows users to search and explore 150 of the top robot creations from around the world. Tendigi helped create the catalogue search functions. We made learning fun for all ages by infusing visual interaction into the process. We included 360° views of all the photos, polls, and ranks to keep track of most desirable to creepiest robots, and interactive timelines/videos. Our partnership resulted in a one-of-a-kind product that has remained a top selling app since 2013, amassing critical acclaim with many nominations and awards.

Litely provides a wide range of photo editing services. We rebuilt Litely to be the fastest and easiest app for editing photos and providing tools to make their shots top quality. We were able to reduce the size of the app by 99%, which provided faster downloads to millions of customers. Litely is favored by Apple, earning the 2014 App Store Editors' Choice badge. It has also appeared on stage during special events and keynotes.

Capture provides content for live events by showing users breaking news stories. Capture enlisted our help to develop a product strategy and design a mobile counterpart for their software that provides top media companies instant access to social media and live coverage of events. We helped create a powerful tool that allows these companies to directly hire photographers for exclusive live video. We helped make the product extremely easy-to-use and created its cohesive visual design.

What is your favorite spot in DUMBO?

Brooklyn Roasting Company!