Q+A: Humberto Matas, Designit

Designit is a strategic design firm based in DUMBO. They work with ambitious brands to create high-impact products, services, systems and spaces— that people love, because, as they say: what matters to people, matters to business. We sat down with Humberto Matas, Global Managing Director, to learn more about the company, and his own main goal: to help others fulfill their creative potential and to build ecosystems where creativity can thrive.

Tell us about Designit, what is it? How did it start?

Designit is a Strategic Design firm born in Denmark 25 years ago. Since then, we have expanded all over the world throughout Europe, South America, and Asia. Cooper was most recently incorporated into the Designit family in North America and we now have locations in San Francisco and in DUMBO.

We have always prided ourselves on our people and on our efforts to create environments that really pull out the potential of our talented designers.

Humberto Matas, Global Managing Director of Designit

What makes Designit unique as a design firm? How is your approach different?

Desingit is a company with “four souls.” The Scandinavian-born firm is known for simple and elegant designs. Our Israeli side is known for its entrepreneurship, for its "tiger blood.” Then we have the Latin American creativity. Our North American soul is one of a pragmatic approach, discovering the spirit of opening new doors and pushing boundaries.

At Designit, we have always prided ourselves on our people and on our efforts to create environments that really pull out the potential of our talented designers. We focus on teams and are a no-ego company, embracing design as a collective approach.

Can you tell us about some projects you are particularly proud of?

Designit has worked on projects across many fields, from industrial design to service design to space design. We helped Scandinavian Airlines rethink the lounge experience and the in-flight food and beverage experience from the perspective of passengers. We reimagined the physical lounge space and transformed the supply chain from 5% locally sourced, to 90%. Cooper, too, has designed for many fields, including redesigning healthcare services, transforming organizational culture, and recognizing customer engagement opportunities. We helped Kurbo convert a high-touch, in-person weight management program for kids into a mobile app, engaging them with a fun solution that encourages a healthy lifestyle.

What brought you to DUMBO? Why did you choose DUMBO as one of your locations?

DUMBO is the tech epicenter of New York. It is centrally located, and the best creative talent is based in Brooklyn. We also have the best views of Manhattan!

How has being based in DUMBO helped your business?

Again, it’s about our people. DUMBO allows us to provide a better physical environment, located closer to where people live. Our clients also enjoy coming to the office, thanks to the open space and the impressive views.

What is your favorite place in DUMBO?

I love the Max Family Garden— it’s cozy, right next to the theater, and near some great restaurants.