Q+A: Eric Moore of Huge

This week, DUMBO digital agency Huge will be taking over the Archway with DJ Jesse Mann and a specially-designed light installation. With over 1,200 employees in 12 cities around the world, Huge is one of DUMBO's largest and most successful companies. We talked with managing director Eric Moore to find out more.

Can you tell us a little bit about the origins of Huge?

We got started as a small web design studio in a DUMBO apartment in Brooklyn. In 1999, the Internet and websites were decidedly not cool. User experience was not something people talked about. Brands didn’t really care about the Internet and websites served little purpose beyond brochures and curiosities. Huge was founded on the belief that the Internet could do much more for what a brand could be than was conventional wisdom at that time – and that the ability to help people do things, using the Internet, was going to be transformative. Today, we are a global company built on the success of our user-centric design and digital roots, harmonizing what users want and what businesses need.


What makes Huge unique?

We are extremely passionate about our work, creating things people love, and make peoples' lives better (and you can bring your dog to work any day of the week).

Is there a story behind your name?

There is indeed a bit of irony to our name - but it's not ironic now. We started as two people, hence 'Huge' fit perfectly, matching our aspirations if not our size. It speaks to how we think for ourselves and for our clients: we think big, and have grown to be literally bigger -- with more than 1,200 employees worldwide.



We decided early on not to follow the conventional approach for starting a creative agency (e.g. setting up shop on Madison Avenue). We instead chose DUMBO as Huge's headquarters because the location allows us to focus on making groundbreaking work for our clients in a community of artists and designers like ourselves. Being in DUMBO lets us tap into the creative talent who live in the borough, offering them the opportunity to walk, ride the ferry or bike a short distance to work (instead of taking the subway into Manhattan). In fact, 70% of our office lives in Brooklyn.

Favorite spots in DUMBO?

How can I not say the Archway?! But, truly, I love that DUMBO is right on the water, and Brooklyn Bridge Park continues to evolve and become better and better. There is nothing like having a three minute walk to a seat by the water.