Q+A: Big Spaceship

Big Spaceship, one of the godfather agencies of the DUMBO digital agency scene, has been in the neighborhood since the early oughts. Today, they are one of the top digital agencies in the world, working with brands like Samsung, Google, BMW (not to mention Shake Shack!) We recently caught up with the team to learn more about their work, and why they still love being in DUMBO.

Can you tell us a little bit about the origins of Big Spaceship?

Founded in 2000, Big Spaceship is a creative agency of 100+ people in Brooklyn (plus a few more in Seoul, South Korea). When we started the agency, it was a really interesting time. It was at the end of the dot-com bubble and the beginning of the commercial web. Business had begun its shift to the web, and even as valuations crashed and startups flamed out, that ball kept rolling. Big Spaceship started in the extra bedroom of Dan's apartment (one of the co-founders of the agency). Later, when we moved into our first office, we chose DUMBO. We were young and naïve, believing that if we just made great work, everything would work out ok. And luckily for us, we were right. Well, mostly.

What kinds of services does Big Spaceship offer?

We are a full service partner, with core disciplines in Strategy, Art and Copy, Design and UX, Social Media and Content, Data and Analytics, Technology, Account, and Production. We work in brands in the media, technology, consumer goods, and lifestyle categories.

We pride ourselves on fostering constant creativity and collaboration, both internally and with our brand partners, throughout the entire working process.

How do you work with the interests of your clients?

We pride ourselves on fostering constant creativity and collaboration, both internally and with our brand partners, throughout the entire working process. This commitment to partnership has been a key element of our track record bringing success to the brands we work with.

How do you think digital / technological public relations have changed since Big Spaceship began?

We used to call ourselves a digital agency, which now seems redundant as digital is a central part of modern culture and human behavior. We opened our doors the year before WiFi was standardized. Innumerable platforms have come and gone in the last 16 years, and the challenge is to see beyond the individual disruptions.


We’ve always been a Brooklyn business. We’ve been in DUMBO for 16 and a half years, and Brooklyn has become very much part of our identity. Now, Brooklyn is this incredibly significant place, but it was pretty rough and tumble when we first started— it really incubated us. The challenges of being here were that most clients had never been to Brooklyn and didn’t want to come here. Now, a lot of our clients have spent time in Brooklyn, and the ones that haven’t are excited to come here.

We’ve had people from and outside all five boroughs but as Brooklyn became the center of New York City in a lot of ways, we offered this great benefit to the people that worked here. As a result, probably 85%+ live in Brooklyn. We can’t imagine calling another neighborhood home!

What are your favorite spots in DUMBO?

From go-to lunch spots and coffee shops to the oft visited, after work watering holes, we have many favorite spots around DUMBO. Some of the places that top the list are Brooklyn Roasting Company, Superfine, One Girl Cookies, Foragers, Peas N' Pickles, Atrium, Grimaldi’s, Gran Electrica, and the various DUMBO food trucks of course.

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