Q + A: Thomas Weingarten, OVERTIME

Overtime is an online sports network for the next generation of fans. Utilizing tech, new platforms, and new formats, more than 250 million minutes of Overtime content is watched each month. With popular shows like "Hello Newman's", "Who's Next" and "Different," and 25+ original shows, Overtime would have enough content to program an entire network! We sat down with Thomas Weingarten, Head of Social Media, to talk Dumbo, the Nets vs the Knicks, and what's next. 

Thomas Weingarten, Head of Social Media
Thomas Weingarten, Head of Social Media

What does Overtime do?

We create content that highlights the lifestyle of athletes from high school, to the collegiate level and of course the pros. This all streamed online at Overtime.tv.

Tell me a little bit about Overtime's history in Brooklyn.

We moved to Brooklyn about 2 years ago from a small office in Soho. We wanted to find a bigger space and somewhere we could call home. We came to DUMBO, and have actually been in four different offices! At one point we were split amongst separate spaces on the same floor. Now we have a place we can call home here at 20 Jay St. It's good that we finally have a head quarters for OT. It's been great.

Given the many platforms that stream sports content, how does OT cut through the noise?

For us it's about staying authentic and real. We have a young team here and we one another's eye. So being able to focus-in and trust one another perspective is really what separates us from the rest.

We have a place we can call home here at 20 jay.

Thomas Weingarten

Are any of your web-series shot here in DUMBO?

We usually shoot athletes where they live but we do have a podcast called "The J. Bobby and Rios Podcast" that's shot here in the office.

The whole point of moving into this office space is so we can shoot a lot more shows with our people here. A lot of people are familiar with Overtime-Larry, Overtime Chloe and Overtime-Tre, just to name a few of the talent we have here.

Overtime Staff
Overtime Staff

Are there any former athletes working here in the office?

Yea! We have a few former athletes working here–mostly Division 3 College Basketball. In my department, there's Mike Coffman who played overseas in Israel after having a really good Div III career. A majority of us still play ball.

The sales team has set up an open run that has been going well. Instead of meeting over a meal, we like to extend an invite to different companies and partners and play ball.

Does Overtime have a sports facility?

We do not have a sports facility as of yet, but we do work with a lot of places all over NYC where we can use their gym and stuff. The goal is to have a big basement set-up or even a warehouse to do our own thing but in this office we have little games that you can play and get real competitive with.

Are there any pro athletes out there who show Overtime the most love?

Tre Young is an NBA player that is super supportive of OT.
We covered him from his time in high school and can shoot him a text after a big game. It's cool to see how we've grown with players like Tre, RJ and Zion.

Overtime High School tournament
Overtime High School tournament

Instead of meeting over a meal we like to extend an invite to different companies and partners and play a little ball.

Thomas Weingarten

If Overtime were a super hero what would be its superpower?

Our special power. I'd like to think we can read your mind. We know what people want to see and what will click and have the viewers excited. I think we can read minds, it's a cool super power. I wish I had that ability.

For us it's about staying authentic and real.

Thomas Weingarten

So... The New York Knicks or The Brooklyn Nets?

It's hard because I grew up a Knicks fan but I realized over time there aren't many Knicks players that I love. Kevin Durant is an investor at Overtime and we love him and when he gets back, we will all be rooting for the Nets. But for now, I'm sticking with the Knicks and RJ Barrett, he's a big Overtime guy!

What are some of your favorite spots in DUMBO?

I like Randolph's, they have great waffle fries. I really dig Shake Shack and walking down by the water. Also Grimaldi's, they have great pizza but my hidden gem is Los Tacos Al Pastor, they have a great burrito bowl. Oh and that new spot, Time Out Market.

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