Q+A: sweetgreen

If the lines out the door of 50 Washington this past Monday were any indication, DUMBO is stoked that sweetgreen's opened in the neighborhood. This is their second Brooklyn location, and we're thrilled to welcome them to the 'hood. We sat down with sweetgreen to hear a bit more about the business, and what brought them to the most instagramed street in DUMBO.

Tell us about sweetgreen!

At sweetgreen, we believe what we eat, where it comes from and how it was prepared has a direct and powerful impact on the health of individuals, communities and the environment. That’s why, as a company, we’ve invested in real people and real food since day one. We believe food tastes best when it’s in season, so we source the best ingredients by cultivating real relationships with farmers and by changing our menu five times a year by following Mother Nature’s lead.

Why did you choose to open in DUMBO?

Our guests! Over the past few years we have received lots of emails and tweets from our customers who live in DUMBO asking us to open a location here. All it took was one site tour to the neighborhood to know that this would be a perfect place for a sweetgreen.

What do you like about the neighborhood?

We currently have 15 locations in New York. DUMBO, with its iconic cobblestone streets, historic buildings, waterfront location and strong sense of community, felt like the perfect neighborhood to open our second location in Brooklyn.

What makes this location special?

At sweetgreen, we believe in constantly changing and evolving we’re excited to try different things with this location. We’ve teamed up with Grand Army to deliver a guest experience that is wholly new yet familiar. We’ll have an interactive seating area that allows guests to see ingredients being prepped, highlighting our commitment to cooking food from scratch every day. We’ll have a separate pick-up area for online ordering - making grab and go easier than ever. And with every location, we work with local artists to showcase innovative art that’s reflective of the neighborhood and city and are excited to bring a one of a kind piece to this location. The art in DUMBO is by Alice Quaresma, a Brooklyn-based artist we worked with in tandem with Tappan Collective.

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