Q+A: Green Desk

Green Desk is a co-working space established in DUMBO in 2008. The company has grown rapidly since then, with over 4,500 members to date. The increasing demand for a shared office business as a replacement for the traditional office setting has allowed Green Desk to grow and expand to nine locations across Brooklyn, Astoria, and Long Island City, providing an affordable, eco-friendly turnkey office for individuals, start-ups, or established teams (check their pricing options here).

The “green” aspect comes from their environmentally friendly spaces, powered by renewable wind energy and with low energy waste— helped by the use of LED bulbs, motion sensors, and 92% industry efficient HVAC systems— and recycling. They understand how important it is keeping their carbon footprint low and thus helping the environment, and invite others to join their efforts!

Green Desk is proud to be native to such a vibrant and friendly community. “DUMBO has a lot of charm and history to it, which brings new faces and provides so many interesting and fun things to see and do on a daily basis!” says Offir Ben-Naim, Director of Marketing & Business Development. Home to three unique co-working spaces, the neighborhood's incredibly easy accessibility combined with the affordable office spaces makes of Green Desk the top choice when it comes to co-working spaces in the area.

We sat down with a few tenants to grasp directly from them some of the perks of being located at a Green Desk office. Ryan Rader and Nelam Patel from Haven Luxury Lifestyle and Sunshine Joseph from NovaCell Wireless helped us understand how being based in Green Desk helped improve their business and some of their favorite features about the space.

Why did you choose to run the business from Green Desk?

Ryan & Nelam: We actually have originally worked in a different office space and needed to expand. We saw that Green Desk had a good pricing, a nice building, and a location that was close to where we live— the combination of all those factors helped to make the move. Here we were able to upgrade the space and also pay a better price.

Sunshine: It's affordable and well-located with a nice and pleasant environment for both for us and the customers coming in. It's also a cool place with nice people and a lot of sightseeing around.

How has being based at Green Desk helped your business?

Ryan: A better cost itself and the access to a free copy machine has been useful! Also, having more space and being able to accommodate more people with a closer proximity makes us able to communicate better.

Sunshine: Another great thing is that around here there is a lot of transportation. The F train, B32, and B65 buses are all over here and the other options are just a short walk away. As far as it goes for transportation is very easy for me to get to work but also for our customers, whether they are driving or taking the train. It's convenient for everyone!

Dumbo is a cool area to be in. It is scenic, nice, and feels raw relative to other areas.

Ryan Rader and Nelam Patel, Haven Luxury Lifestyle

Why Dumbo?

Ryan & Nelam: Cost is a reason that keeps coming up but it's also close to where each one of us lives— a quick commute on the F train or walking. In addition, Dumbo is a cool area to be in. It is scenic, nice, and feels raw relative to other areas that we can be at. So I think that can be some inspiration that can be drawn from here.

Sunshine: The environment! When we do have customers coming in it's very enjoyable to them. We want them to like the neighborhood and they do. When customers hear the name “Dumbo” they say “Oh, next to the bridge!" which is good because they can recognize the area and associate us with it.

What's your favorite place in Dumbo?

Nelam: I have to say the Archway Cafe.

Ryan: I like to just walk down the street, to be able to take in the scenic elements.The type of street and having some warehouses makes Dumbo feel like a different area than anywhere else.

Sunshine: Pebble Beach, I love that place especially when it’s warm. I take all my lunch breaks there. My favorite spot for sure!

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