PR Week’s DUMBO State of Mind

PR Week ran a long article and spread this week, highlighting DUMBO's emergence as a major center for innovative creative agencies. The article shares the stories of Big Spaceship, Big Duck, Carrot Creative, Huge, Prolific Interactive and Whispr and talks up the more than 400 tech and creative companies that call our neighborhood home. From DUMBO Food Trucks to Creative Mornings, from Digital DUMBO to elevator encounters, DUMBO Arts Festival to DUMBO Walls - the article celebrates many local perks.

The article also highlights new developments - like the Watchtower Properties which could help alleviate the DUMBO space crunch and the vision of the DUMBO Improvement District to keep the neighborhood's creative vibe as we grow. Many of the CEOs interviewed also touted the importance of providing spaces for small creative companies alongside the larger more established startup scene and the need to ensure Brooklyn stays an accessible place for their talent base - all major goals of the DUMBO Improvement District's Brooklyn Tech Triangle strategic plan.

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PR Week Quotes: DUMBO love from CEOs

  • Aaron Shapiro of Huge: "The buildings in DUMBO are amazing. Brooklyn has a cutting-edge vibe that is more in tune with pop culture and feeds into the creative process. It is now trendier and safer, but the same dynamics are still in play."
  • Mike Lebowitz of Big Spaceship: Over time, being based in the area has gone from "minor liability to a big asset," says Lebowitz. "It was hard to get clients to come here.  No one had heard of it and spaces were raw, but now, clients end up valuing it as an alternative to the staid places in Manhattan."
  • Mike Germano + Chris Petescia of Carrot Creative: "People cheer for you here," says Petescia. "It’s less cut-throat." "We need to be in a chaotic space that inspires us," Germano says of DUMBO. "Digital is so exciting and people want to be surrounded by others in their industry."
  • Bobby Emamian of Prolific Interactive: "At the soul of DUMBO is an underdog mentality. We want to help the underdog as we grow," Emamian says. "This is a neighborhood based on entrepreneurship. When you look at your neighbors, you know they are on a mission."
  • Sarah Durham of Big Duck: "The people who come to work here are mission-driven, and that aligns with Brooklyn too," Durham says. "Increasingly, people want to feel like they’re making a difference."
  • Carree Syrek of Whispr: "The whole point was to make sure we all had a hand in what the office looks like and how it speaks to the personalities of the people who work here."

Photos via Big Spaceship