Plies and Plasma Effects for Brooklyn Ballet

Lights, camera, pirouette? Dancers and hackers collaborate on a new performance featuring a digital backdrop to complement the dancers’ movements to open the Brooklyn Ballet's  2013 season, In 4D. Hacker collective NYC Resistors joins the dance company to create a new visual experience alongside the score by French composers Louis and Francois Couperin.

The season opener Tracing Back combines the graceful motions of classical ballet with a set of projected visualizations across the floor, as created by members of the hacker group. As the dancers progress through the dance, their steps will be tracked by a set of digital cameras attached to a lighting grid above the stage. The movement will drive the effects, like smoke trails, bubbles, or virtual streamers, into another layer of motion for the piece.

Artistic director Lynn Parkerson explains:  "Tracing Back reveals an aspect of choreography an audience does not usually see:  the floor pathways of the dancers as they travel in real time. I've been thinking about this idea for years and recently stumbled upon a world of techno/digital artists who are passionate about creating something new with ballet as a departure point."

The partnership promises to highlight the dance with the added visuals, not distract the viewer. “It’s an experiment but I am excited for the result,” says Nick Vermeer, member of the NYC Resistors. “This is all about that beautiful intersection between art and technology.”

The season opens Thursday, Feb 28 at Actors Fund Center Theater in Downtown Brooklyn, with tickets starting at $25. Visit for details.

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