Pensa Gives DUMBO a Street Charge

Want to spend more time working outside, but your phone/ tablet is running low on juice? We're thrilled to unveil Pensa's Street Charge, a solar powered USB charger, that was built right into two of our Pearl Street Triangle umbrellas. With the addition of Street Charge, you can now charge your phone or tablet while you enjoy the free WiFi.


The project comes to DUMBO from the creative minds at Pensa, an industrial design studio located at 20 Jay Street (you may remember their DIWire Bender, featured here previously).

"DUMBO can be the perfect test kitchen for the creators in the neighborhood. This project is the perfect example. Pensa gets a place to test out and unveil a very cool invention in a tech-forward community - and a chance to give back and support their community," said Alexandria Sica, Executive Director of the DUMBO Improvement District. "And DUMBO gets awesome street chargers. How great is that?"

Eventually, Pensa hopes to recreate the Street Charge for other street furniture. Marco Perry, Pensa founder says, "DUMBO is full of dynamic people who enjoy all the neighborhood has to offer - beautiful public spaces, great food vendors, and free WiFi! The only piece missing for a great outdoor office was a place to charge your mobile device while you did a little work or relaxed. Now you can recharge, free of charge. Enjoy!"

So bring your USB chord and plug in and charge up in the Pearl Street Triangle. And be sure to thank Marco and the whole team at Pensa for this fantastic addition to our hood.

Photo via Jerry Li/Pensa.