Pedestrian Safety Improvements

Last spring we brought you news of  some pedestrian improvements coming to DUMBO. We've already seen the implementation of the new sidewalk and neckdown at York & Washington--installed last summer by DOT.

Still to come on that list: Pedestrian crossing improvements at York & Pearl Streets. The current situation there is a long and awkward east to west crossing of Pearl Street in an area originally made for large trucks, not tourists and baby carriages. After some advocacy from the DUMBO BID, the Department of Transportation has proposed major changes for that intersection. Last week, Community Board 2 approved the recommended improvements. Those improvements include:

  • Extending the east curb out to create a 35' crossing (cutting it down from the current 90') using ADA approved thermal finish laser-cut cobbles (the same that will be used in the future DUMBO Plaza capital project) and creating a pedestrian island.
  • Installing five new granite crosswalks in the section of York between Jay and Adams Street
  • Repairing the existing Belgian Block street on York between Jay and Adams Street

The above image is a DOT rendering of what it could look like when it's finished.

The timeline for implementation is still TBD, but pending all approvals from the Landmarks Preservation Commission, it could happen as soon as this coming summer.

Bonus: because of the snow, check out the phenomenon of "sneckdowns" in DUMBO and the City. The term is a combination of “snow” and “neckdown,” traffic lingo for curb extension, to describe snow formations on the streets that reveal the space that cars do not use. It's a fun urban planning activity that can only be done in the winter!