Ode to Dumbo (2021 Edition)

Happy 2022, DUMBO! It's a tradition around here to close out the year with a poem. Behold:

Ode to Dumbo: 2021

An Ode to Dumbo Twenty Twenty One,
"Pandemic Part 2", but we did have some fun.
Indoor dining was back! 
No more just working on Slack! 
Vaccines started flowing! A major relief! 
And oh, that Hot Vax Summer - we all had the belief!
The neighborhood bustled!
The DOE Fund sure hustled! 

And out in the streets, we had a new norm:

Outdoor dining and artworks on the Six Foot Platform.
A Daily Dose of Dumbo gave us all lots to do,
And our Dumbo Drink and Draw brought out so many of you! 
We love our new murals - from Sophia, Marka27 and Cey.
We love all the Photoville art that came our way!
Parenting Projections, Valentines too! 
St. Ann's Warehouse lights went back up and the accolades grew!

Our gorgeous new Brooklyn Public Library opened at last! 
Brooklyn Bridge Park built Emily Roebling Plaza super fast! 
Have you tried Em Vietnamese or Adanne Bookshop?
Legacy Vinyl Boutique is definitely worth a stop!  
Independent businesses are growing! Rent the Runway moved in! 
We got 300 new Citibike racks, and dollars for York Street Station planning to begin!

The Brooklyn Bridge has a bike lane! 
The BQE fix is, well... something! 
And while all the construction seems to just multiply,
We look forward to a new Park + safer streets. (Insert a collective neighborhood sigh!!!)

We are bouncing back together, tired but ready–
We know Dumbo will weather Omicron, we are cautious but steady.
So keep going everyone!! Take care of your neighbors!!
Boosters are the 2022 equivalent of lightsabers.
To our neighbors and workforce, partners and mates
Thank you for being part of this community and all it creates.

With love and best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year to you all,

Alexandria, Clara and Kalvis

The Dumbo Improvement District