Ode to Dumbo (A Decade in Review- 2019 Edition)

Happy 2020, DUMBO! It's a tradition around here to close out the year with a poem. Behold:

Ode to Dumbo

A Decade in Review

Let’s start near the beginning: a Park opened up on Pier 1!

But that was just a hint at what was to come:

Piers 2 - 6, Jane’s Carousel to make us merry, 

a new dock and service from the East River Ferry. 

One John Street went up, the climbing wall did too, 

Empire Stores was rehabbed with some mighty nice views. 

And speaking of developments, let’s not stop there–

 the Jehovah's vacated, disappearing into thin air! 

And leaving behind, a great tech Mecca–

Dumbo Heights, HQ to Etsy, what could be better! 

Well now we have buildings growing out of parking lots, 

a supermarket, and roughly 17 coffee shops!

Sure, this was a decade that brought Superstorm Sandy, 

but it also taught a lot of us that this neighborhood could be handy. 

We helped each other out, we cleaned up the messes–

Looking back at the '10s, we celebrate our successes. 

And boy we have grown–from the techies to tourists, 

all joining the Instagrammers in a photo clicking chorus.

New families, old friends, and even a new school–

tell me what could the 2020s even add that is cool? 

Well, glad you asked!! We’ll have refurbished Belgian Block streets, 

a new neighborhood park where your friends can all meet. 

We’ll have a brand new F Train entrance (Hey, a girl can dream!) 

and highly regulated places for trucks serving Ice Cream!

But seriously guys, you don’t have to fret, 

these '20s are gonna roar–Dumbo’s best decade yet.

Happy New Year!

Alexandria, Clara and (introducing) Kalvis

The Dumbo Improvement District