Ode to DUMBO (2016 Edition)

Happy 2017, DUMBO! It’s a tradition around here to close out the year with a poem. Behold, our ode to 2016:

So much one could say about this year –
But where can we begin?
A note to our reader:
we’ll focus this little ode on DUMBO, Brooklyn.

Yes, for DUMBO – our magical waterfront hood,
it was a year characterized by “new,”
from new restaurants to new office space,
let’s just name a few:

Have you been to Empire Stores?
It’s finally opening up!
Have you bought a couch at West Elm?
Or perhaps a Brooklyn Roasting coffee cup?

Have you had brunch at Westville?
Or coffee at Blue Stone?
Taken a spin at IMAXShift,
or ducked into Art in General on your own?

Have you had lunch at Taco Dumbo,
There’s even a beer hall coming soon,
Or chomped at Untamed Sandwiches
– dare we say it’s a food option boom?

Ok, we won’t go that far,
but really just you wait,
next year there will be several more
places to fill your plate.

Rest assured it’s not just dining
starting in new DUMBO spots.
Etsy’s opened at Dumbo Heights,
Frog and Vice moved in – yes our companies are hot!

Dumbo got a middle school
and UPK for the tots,
PA 307 is thriving
and even Creatively Wild Art School expanded a lot.

One John is all done now,
Brooklyn Children’s museum’s “Spark”
One Hotel is opening up
on the south side of Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Did you get your picture taken
Sitting on OY or YO?
Did you pose before the Paparazzi Pups
Or tweet at the DUMBO Reflector for a show?

It’s been a year of surprises
Like Hungarian Projection Mapping !?!?
A Circus under the Brooklyn Bridge!
and 24 hours of Taylor Mac without napping.

We’ve laughed, we’ve cried,
There’s been some who have moved on:
PS Bookstore and Journey,
Zoe too is gone.

But some of DUMBO’s best standbys
just moved around the bend:
Gleason’s is now on Water Street
and PowerHouse at the Archway’s end.

And we’ve picked up some new traditions this year,
Oktoberfest was a delight!
Apple picking under the Manhattan Bridge
Beer and German DJs for three nights!

So what is left for next year,
What else could DUMBO get?
This just in: Black Tap is coming
The milkshakes that broke the internet!

85 Jay will be developed,
Bridge Park 2 will finally be built.

Oh DUMBO, this was our anniversary
Ten years making DUMBO shine,
We’re so thrilled to be among our friends
And that’s the end of this holiday rhyme.

Wishing our entire DUMBO family a very Happy New Year,
Alexandria, Chris & Clara
The DUMBO Improvement District