Ode to DUMBO (2015 Edition)

Happy 2016, DUMBO! It's a tradition around here to close out the year with a poem. Behold, our ode to 2015:

Hey DUMBO! Let’s all celebrate – The new year has arrived! But let’s look back on all that was DUMBO two zero one five:

Empire Stores is rising up
DUMBO pups have a new place to bark–
And due north of the Manhattan Bridge
Jay Street got a spectacular new park!

We said hello to new businesses,
Usagi, Love and Dough
And farewell to some old friends
Dabney Lee and Galapagos

Big art news
in 2015 abounded!
The galleries moved to Main Street
And Deborah Kass’ OY/YO truly astounded!
Art in General is moving in,
Melville House moved next to Brooklyn Roasting
PowerHouse will shift to Adams Street
And Vinegar Hill House will be in DUMBO (yes, we’re boasting!)

And the Lighthouse created outdoor drinks
Below the Manhattan Bridge
And we indulged after work
Just a smidge…

St. Ann’s FINALLY OPENED at the Tobacco Warehouse
Long live DUMBO theater!
Shakespeare returned with King Henry the IV
And all the best critics were there to meet her.

Live at the Archway brought the neighborhood out
For performances, dancing and office parties
Salsa lessons, indie rockers, poufs
and beers that were quite hearty

We branded you all #DUMBOVIPs
5000 DUMBOnians got our black card!
And then to top it all off this year
DUMBO Dollars rained down in your back yard!

Our start up scene is still booming –
DUMBO Heights got a shiny WeWork!
Now run along you DUMBOnians
celebrate with drinks and go berserk!

60 Water and The Townhouses are now open,
The Jehovas are leaving town,
85 Jay is on the market -
the most valuable land around.

Yes, more folks and features for 2016
Hey DUMBO, it's just beginning!
We'll be here in the new year
to keep DUMBO totally winning :)

Wishing our entire DUMBO family a very Happy New Year,

Alexandria, Chris & Clara The DUMBO Improvement District