Ode to DUMBO (2014 Edition)

Happy 2015,  DUMBO! It's a tradition around here to close out the year with a poem. Behold, our ode to 2014:

Hey there DUMBO! It is tradition and time
To celebrate the outgoing year with a rhyme

So... were you there watching the World Cup under the Archway
Amid thunderous chants of "USA!" "USA!"?
Did you find cosmic love at Match-Maker? Or on line at the DUMBO Lot?
According to Street Easy our 'hood is hot hot hot

Did you craft with Etsy? Don a costume for Halloween?
On Plymouth Street live-action Pac-Man kind of stole the scene
Did you hula hoop at Tunnel Vision? See the antique Model A cars?
Ahoy! The Lighthouse turned the Archway into a bar

At our first-ever Tech Cleanse did you recycle electronic gear?
We collected 6,000lbs of e-waste -- bunch of office hoarders here!
Or perhaps art festivals are more your thing
DUMBO Arts Festival was magic, New York Festival of Light had bling

Oh DUMBO! Did you have a ball?
Which event did you like most of all?
Did you see Knee High at St. Ann's?
Did you see Bill Clinton on Main Street - he's a PowerHouse fan?

Have you seen our little neighborhood shine
On the silver screen in this year's time?
Yes - cameos in Annie, Gone Girl and Spiderman
and Spielberg even gave us a Cold War re-brand.

We had tourists with selfie sticks posing on Washington Street
That epic shot with the Manhattan Bridge simply can't be beat
Techies line up for elevators, thumbing phones in the lobby
Social media in this neighborhood: much more than a hobby

Pile drivers and scaffolding: A year of construction and growth!
Which of these projects excites you the most?

St. Ann's at Tobacco Warehouse, the Park spreads to Jay Street
A new roller rink + b-ball courts: Pier 2 is now complete!
60 Water Street rose quickly. DUMBO Townhouses did too.
Even Green Desk expanded to a building that's all new!

Yes, DUMBO is ever changing, but we stay true to our roots at heart
The neighborhood still dazzled this year, with creative works of art.
"Trust Your Vision" brightens Front Street; Tom Fruin's House is in Brooklyn Bridge Park.
And we made lots of headlines, with a Pink Elephant Craigslist lark.

Yes! DUMBO was all over the news this year:
Did you know Etsy is staying here!?!
WeWork is heading to DUMBO and Huge is also here to stay
West Elm is moving to Empire Stores and Shake Shack opened: YAY!!

Mayor DeBlasio came to announce .NYC;
His First Lady came for an epic Essence Style party
The New York Times declared "DUMBO Roars"; PR Week did a terrific spread.
It's been a big 2014 and we look forward to the year ahead.

Dear friends, we thank you for joining us and being part of the DUMBO Team.
We'll see you around the neighborhood - for DUMBO 2015!