Ode to DUMBO (2013 Edition)

Happy 2014, DUMBO! It's a tradition around here to close out the year with a poem. Behold, our ode to 2013:

Oh DUMBO! What a year!

So much excitement going on around here...

Did you see all the new art around town?

DUMBO Walls sure tops that list

Shepherd Fairey in Bridge Park 2

York Street just can't be missed.

YES! we say on Jay Street

courtesy of Sagmeister and Shimizu

And we can't forget that epic glow

of winter's Heartwalk by Situ

We had Twitter-generated art

Watergate's pixels in the Archway

lovely pink elephant

that might just be here to stay.

It was a big year for cyclists too -

our bike-able cobble plan is pretty rocking,

CitiBike is much beloved,

(too much? see new term: "DUMBO Dock Blocking")

Yes! DUMBO, you're so hot right now,

Not just because of the Biolite firepit...

We're the heart of the Brooklyn Tech Triangle

USA Today even proclaimed it!

New projects are moving forward -

from the Kushner Watchtower renovation

to Empire Stores and DUMBO Townhouses -

and one fabulous St Ann's celebration!

West Elm will plant its DUMBO flag

signing Brooklyn's biggest lease

Did you see Jim Brett's lofty digs

a New York Times designer feast.

Oh DUMBO – what new treats did you explore this year?

Atrium cocktails or tapas at DISH,

A pinot at Olympia's Wine Bar,

or something from the Food Truck Lot that was delish?

Have you seen Red Beard's new expanded digs?

Or browsed Berl's Poetry selection?

Gone into Front General Store?

Or waiting for Shake Shack burger perfection?

Were you there when Creative Mornings turned five?

Have you hit up a General Assembly class?

Have you gone to work at the IFP Media Center

Oh this year has gone so fast!

Have you been to Galapagos for Floating Kabarette this year?

Did you do Story Corps at DUMBO Arts Fest?

Did you lounge at DUMBO Beach at all?

Oh DUMBO, when do you rest?

Yes DUMBO! It was a very good year. So many memories.

As we bring it to a close, would you indulge us please?

We have to say goodbye -

to a few key lovely friends

Who helped us build our neighborhood

whose term is at an end.

Mayor Bloomberg, BP Markowitz,

Commissioners Walsh and Sadik-Kahn,

We thank you for your partnership,

it's incredible, all we've done.

We are excited for all that lies ahead as well,

with Mayor DeBlasio and his new team,

we look forward to working with you all.

It's gonna be one helluva Twenty Fourteen!