October First Thursday Pick: Dark Peculiar Toys

Fresh off the heels of the Dumbo Arts Festival, it is time again for the First Thursday Gallery Walk!  Spend this Thursday evening in DUMBO, and be sure to check out Viktor Koen's Dark Peculiar Toys at United Photo Industries.

The exhibit by Koen is an award winning series of prints– an assembly experiment exploring the nature of what a toy is, what it does, and its lifetime journey. "I photographed toys and objects that I collected through the years and travels, some of them parts of my personal childhood, and then mixed and matched them for hours, said artist Viktor Koen in a statement. "While this was a different form of play, the magic was the same." The prints have been shown worldwide and will be exhibited for the first time in New York City at DUMBO's United Photo Industries.

Dark Peculiar Toys will be shown in conjunction with Toyphabet, its typographical companion. The exhibit will open at United Photo Industries, 111 Front Street, Suite 204, this Thursday and will go until October 28th.

Other events of note in DUMBO this Thursday:

Legal Stuff Explained 2.3: Equity Compensation Hacks - Learn to negotiate a compensation package from a startup employee, a founder/investor, and a startup lawyer.  Hosted by Docracy at the NYU-Poly Incubator, 20 Jay Street, 6:30PM, $5
• Bringing E-Commerce to Life with Bonobos - Bonobos Vice President of Integrated Marketing Tracy Keim discusses developing an engaging and high-quality online product, bringing an online product to life in the real world, and the future of e-commerce.  Hosted by HUGE at 45 Main Street, 6:45PM

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Photo via Fine Print Republic