Oak’s New App Visualizes Forecast with Rainbow Hues

DUMBO-based tech firm Oak just launched their first iOS app, Blue.

Blue provides 36-hour weather forecasts relevant to your location in a fast and fun interface. Swipe up to see each hour represented in a beautiful, colorful gradient visual, whether you're in Fiji, or simply at work. Each hour of the day corresponds to a specific color swatch on your screen and are based on three variables: temperature, humidity, and sunrise/sunset times for your current location.

Says Oak of the app, "We quickly found how well color can describe weather, much more than just a number. After using it for just a few days you’ll start to learn what the colors mean, and know exactly what kind of coat to wear when you see green."

Available for $0.99 at the Apple App Store. Because nothing brightens up a dreary New York winter like an an interactive, color-filled app.