New York’s Smoothest Spotted in DUMBO

Chalk this one up to getting excited about street safety! NYC DOT's famous Pothole Gang, aka "New York's Smoothest," was spotted along DUMBO's cratered York Street this morning, filling in the many potholes despite round three of the Polar Vortex.

The DUMBO BID sends a warm thanks to the DOT Pothole Team and DOT's Brooklyn Borough Commissioner's office for such a speedy response!

Ever wonder why potholes show up so often throughout the winter? They're a result of the freezing and thawing of the streets, when a crack develops then absorbs water. As that water freezes in the cold temps, the water expands, widening the crack. During thaws, more water is absorbed into the crack, which then can freeze again and the cycle continues. These cracks are then run over by traffic, snow plows, etc and the pothole is born.

Follow NYC DOT's Daily Pothole to report potholes and to see all the work they've been doing around the City to make the streets smoother and safer. Thanks again to NYC DOT (over 140,000 potholes filled in 2014)!