New Look, Same Values: Salon de Quartier

Situated along Washington Street is DUMBO's number one Hair Salon - Salon de Quartier. Although the salon has a branch in Manhattan, and recently expanded to Long Island, being in DUMBO remains at the core of this family-centric business.

Salon de Quartier was the vision of its French founder, Sebastian. He set up a salon on Smith Street fifteen years ago, working day and night to build up his clientele. When things started to take off, Sebastian knew he needed to expand, but still wanted to stay in Brooklyn. That's when Salon de Quartier discovered DUMBO. Back then, DUMBO was small, and not such the tech-savvy magnet it is today. Yet Mary, the salon's General Manager, reflected that you could already feel its beauty and community vibes. Salon de Quartier translates as 'Neighborhood Salon', and this was exactly what attracted the business to the area: "We knew from the start it was a very family-orientated neighborhood and we were attracted to its community aspect, which we try to implant ourself in. That's the trademark of Salon de Quartier" noted Mary.

Although the salon has branches in Manhattan and Great Neck, Long Island, its flagship is very much DUMBO, which has a lot to do with the neighborhood. Mary notes how the area is not just a great place to work, but also live and visit, and this is reflected in its clientele: "The DUMBO branch is special because our clients are mix of Boho families and Tech-Savvy entrepreneurs." This is what sets the DUMBO salon apart from their other salons, such as Manhattan, as it's more laid back and personal, rather than fast-paced.

It was this idea which prompted Salon de Quartier's recent remodeling of the DUMBO salon. As you enter, very few pieces of hairdressing equipment are on display, and this is no accident: "We really wanted the salon to feel like home, instead of a hair salon. We tried to enhance that comfortable feeling, because we want people to be relaxed here" Mary explained. Although the decor is modern, it really seems to have worked in achieving a welcoming atmosphere. With a coffee bar, perfect for drinking cappuccinos and reading newspapers, and a cosy couch area, clients can experience having their hair attended to as if in their own home. This doesn't end with the clients, as Mary says everyone who works at Salon de Quartier is like a family too. Once again, this only adds to the family-centred values of the business.

What about the hairdressing itself? If you're heading into Salon de Quartier soon, then Mary has some Summer '16 styles to recommend. Firstly, the bob is very much in at the moment, and is especially practical in this heat! But if you can't bear to part with your long locks, then messy, beachy waves are the way to go - low maintenance, yet it looks great.

Salon de Quartier will be at this week's Live at the Archway (14th July), so make sure you drop by to find out more. Before then, check out their website here. 

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