New Construction at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Work is expected to begin to expand the southern and northern ends of Brooklyn Bridge Park this week. New parkland and amenities are expected to be added for people (and four-legged friends) to enjoy. What does this mean for DUMBO? DUMBO will be connected to Brooklyn Bridge Park more than ever with new entrance points on Main Street, Jay Street, and John Street. Greeting park-goers and their four legged friends will be new dog runs, 13,000 square foot gathering lawns, and pedestrian bridges into the East River.

While work is being completed, the Main St. dog run will be closed. But do not worry, let your furry friends enjoy the Hillside Dog Park (Columbia Height and Vine Street) and the Pier 6 Dog Run (Brooklyn Bridge Park at Atlantic Avenue). The Main St. Playground and Pebble Beach, however, will remain open while work is completed Winter 2014/2015.

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Photo via Brooklyn Bridge Park