Marty: DUMBO is Leading New York into the 21st Century

During his annual State of the Borough speech to New York policy makers and community leaders last night, Borough President Marty Markowitz touted DUMBO, saying "The Brooklyn neighborhood that is truly leading New York into the 21st century is of course DUMBO —where you'll find the most innovative internet and digital advertising companies in the city," highlighting three DUMBO firms and Jane's Carousel.  In the speech, which took place at Brooklyn College, Marty said of DUMBO companies, "I know they're brilliant because when I visit them, they'll spend an hour telling me what their company does — and when I leave, I think what did they just say?"

The Borough President applauded Shirley Au, President of HUGE, and Tina Roth Eisenberg, founder of, hosting them as seated guests on the stage for the address and recognizing each for their company's role in the Brooklyn economy.

  • On HUGE: "60 percent of its 300 employees live in Brooklyn," he bragged. "Companies like JetBlue, Ikea,and PepsiCo tap Huge for extra help in research, design, and technology."
  • On Tattly: "Tina Roth Eisenberg is another outstanding DUMBO entrepreneur, who has combined her eye for design with the power of the internet," he said, going onto list some remarkable statistics about the fast rise of Tattly, which does business in more than 60 countries, shipping 125,000 tattoos in the four short months since its launch."

The Borough President also spotlighted the work of Emily Thompson Flowers and their work decorating the White House this holiday season and Jane Walentas for the opening of her waterfront carousel this year.

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