Made in DUMBO: Pistashio

From time to time, we'll highlight a new product or service being introduced by one of our amazing DUMBO companies. Today, that product is the new web app Pistashio by Bridge Workers Company. Pistashio is a catch-all place to stash, organize and do the things you love. While you may have something in your iPhone already that creates lists, BWC promises better bookmarking, reminders and ease of use. There are five main categories food, video, reading, listening, and "to-dos." Pistashio will tweet or email reminders to keep you focused. Simply grab things with their Chrome Extension and Bookmarklet from any browser, sign up using your Twitter name (Facebook coming soon...) and go.

John Marlino and Kingsley Harris of BWC gave us the scoop on this new venture:

Who are the minds behind this project?
Pistashio is the brainchild of John Merlino, Kingsley Harris, and Christopher Choyce. We have been collaborating for well over a decade and came together to form Bridge Workers Company, a DUMBO Brooklyn based lab where we dream up and build products we care about. We are a perfect example of the resourcefulness, talent and never-ending desire to succeed. Which is what Brooklyn’s all about.

What is Pistashio?
Pistashio came out of the frustration of too much information; not having a simple, organized and contextual way of remembering the things you’re interested in. Pistashio is all about stashing the things you love, whether online or in real life. Stash things like movies you want to see, restaurants you want to check out and books you’re interested in reading. Once it’s neatly stashed away, you can set up reminders or just go back to Pistashio to see you lists of things to do.

So this was made with Brooklyn in mind?
Everything Bridge Workers does is skewed by the Brooklyn lifestyle, it’s just who we are. Brooklyn is where creativity, ingenuity and community thrives. DUMBO provides a great backdrop for us to be creative and innovate. Brooklyn especially has a continuous stream of new and interesting things happening, which provides us with great content inspiration to continue growing Pistashio.

Give us a rundown of the features of Pistashio.
You can sign up for Pistashio with your Twitter account and start stashing stuff today. You can also download the Chrome extension or Bookmarklet, to quickly stash to-do’s directly from your browser. You can also set up reminders to get alerted about stuff in the future. Pistashio wants to be more than just cloud bookmarking from your browser. We want to focus users on doing the things you stash rather than just tossing web pages into a black-hole like other bookmarking services.

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