Looking to Mingle? There’s an App for That.

Your afterwork plans are about to get a lot more exciting, thanks to Crazy Blind Date. This brand-new app from DUMBO-based Huge and OkCupid matches daters with dates in a most spontaneous way.

Let's say your evening plans got cancelled, but your on-the-town outfit is already picked out. What to do? Simply log onto Crazy Blind Date and find a suitor whose schedule suits yours (with a little help from OkCupid's algorithm of love). Caution--your date's identity is hidden until meeting.

Crazy Blind Date's aim is simple: make more dates happen easily, for more people. "We designed the application to help eliminate the work and frustration involved in coordinating a date and to do so we looked closely at the habits and workflow of today’s daters, particularly the all-important female daters who we know will drive the success of this product,” said Gene Liebel, Partner and Chief Strategy Officer at Huge.
So have faith in ye old mathematical love-matching, DUMBO. You never know who might want to rendezvous at Superfine after work tonight ...