Jay Street Plaza, Post-DUMBO Beach

Approved by the Brooklyn Community Board 2 this June and Landmarks Preservation Commission on September 24, plans are underway to create a new plaza at the foot of Jay Street that will become a northern gateway to Brooklyn Bridge Park. While the “END” sign, guard rail, and Con Edison property create a charmingly urban and ironic frame for the DUMBO Beach currently activating the site, it will be nice to be able to enjoy an unimpeded view to the East River. The plans replace current fencing with a transparent Marina Railing, creating a visual connection with the waterfront that is currently obscured from the terminus of Jay Street. Other proposed improvements such as screening the power plant with evergreen trees, the extension of the curb line, and installation of large granite bollards that double as seating would help create a sense of enclosure, elevating once residual space to public place.

The historic significance of the Jay St. Connecting Railroad – Brooklyn’s smallest waterfront railway in use between 1904 and 1959 – is being honored by the re-installation of salvaged Belgian block cobble stones and rail tracks, an important feature of the plan as it goes before the Landmarks Preservation Committee next week, September 24th.

13_09_17_Plaza_1944_02.jpgPlaza Site in 1944 showing the then existing Jay Street Railroad.

13_09_17_Plaza_Plan_02.jpgBrooklyn Bridge Park's proposed plan for the northern entrance at Jay Street

13_09_17_Park_plan_021.jpg The pedestrian bridge would connect DUMBO to Brooklyn Bridge Park

Images courtesy Brooklyn Bridge Park