It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like VT in DUMBO

UPDATED: Adam Parke's trees and holiday market have moved! Check out their new spot on Washington Street in the courtyard between Two Trees Real Estate and Rice.

DUMBO has a few new tenants: Balsam and Fraser--fir that is. Trees. Adam Parke has brought his Christmas trees back to DUMBO, along with a holiday market for those in search of the perfect tree, garland, wreath, centerpiece and even fresh Vermont maple syrup this holiday season.

We caught up with Adam for the full scoop on the firs, his recommendations for apartments and offices, and highlights from the NYC tree selling experience:

What makes these trees from Vermont so special for this time of year?
Our trees are all organically grown in a place in Vermont where the land is actually colder and wetter due to being in between the Connecticut and St. Lawrence watersheds. We cut our trees just before they are put up for sale here in Brooklyn. I'd venture to say that they are the freshest cut trees being sold in NYC.

You've delivered to a lot of apartments in New York City, so we'll call you an expert in this area. What would you say is the best size for most peoples' studio/ 1 bedroom spaces?
I'd say a 7-8 foot tree is nice for a small apartment.

Do you have any good tips for making trees last in an apartment through the holiday season?
The most important thing to remember is to keep the water level above the bottom of the tree. Adding a little bit of sugar to the water helps. Also, a trace amount of bleach will keep bacteria from forming.

You've been selling holiday trees in Brooklyn for 21 years. Have any good stories from your time here?
A few years back in DUMBO, we were delivering a 15 foot tree to an apartment where we had to go up a few flights of stairs. Once we got up to the floor, there was a sharp corner that we were not going to be getting it around--no matter how we tried. So, we took the tree to a neighbor's apartment on the floor below (who was hosting a large family get-together at the time), took it through the kitchen and out to the balcony where we hoisted it up with a rope to the apartment above.

More info:

  • Trees are available in the courtyard between Two Trees Real Estate and Rice starting December 1st - Christmas Eve from 9am-9pm daily.
  • A variety of tree sizes ranging from 4 feet to 18 feet will be in stock.
  • Prices vary by size, but the trees are all $10/ foot for the 4 - 7 footers, and a bit more once you reach 8 feet.
  • Adam's team will deliver and set-up the trees to your apartment or office and will even come back January 6 - 8 to pick up the trees to be used for mulch in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.