Huge & “The Work Cycle”

In homage to the bicycle, our friends at Huge have taken part in “The Work Cycle”, a self-initiated project by the UK-Dutch digital agency Pixmillion, that celebrates the renewed veneration of the bicycle in the workplace.

The project was first born when Pixmillion noticed that a new kind of work culture was beginning to form as more and more people began choosing this more sustainable mode of transportation to get to work. “We’ve noticed a different kind of relationship developing at work, with people falling in love with riding their bikes all over again”.

Once they set out to explore these workplaces, they found that companies with strong bicycle cultures were consequently much happier work places. “People who cycle to work rave about good health, freeing up time and the development of the social culture that comes with it”. And despite some of the upfront challenges and costs of adopting this kind of culture (we all know that storage can be tricky here in New York especially!), that overall, it would be more beneficial and cost efficient in the end.

With this in mind, “The Work Cycle” came to be as a “web-based celebration of the people who cycle to work and their bikes”. The overall goal - to inspire others, by showcasing the ways in which different companies from around the globe have integrated bicycles into the workplace.

Be inspired and take a look at the sleek and sexy bicycles of Huge.