Help Rabbit Movers While Supporting Artists!

Rabbit Movers has existed for nearly a decade to support artists by using their trucks to help showcase artists' work and by giving the artists flexible employment. Unfortunately, Sandy washed away all of those trucks and we've since had to downsize.

HQ'd in Rabbithole Studios and with other locations throughout the Sandy-impacted areas of Brooklyn, Rabbit Movers needs $20,000 to buy a new truck so they can start bringing in revenue again.

Through their Lucky Ant site, you can support Rabbit Movers while also compiling some great swag for yourself, including everything from t-shirts and Gift Certificates to Photo Shoots at Rabbithole Gallery.

Help support a local DUMBO company and the artists who make it run. As their motto goes, "Support an artist. Hire a Rabbit!"

Owner Shawn Lyons gives more of Rabbit Movers' story below: