Guest Post: FanFeedr, Your Football-itis Fix

Joe Gill, editor of FanFeedr, a DUMBO Green Desk based start-up, talks about the new FanFeedr - an aggregator for all news sources about your favorite sports teams - and how to use their service as a fix for the common "football-itis":

The new FanFeedr Sports Network offers over 400+ robust, team-specific sites and social media team accounts dedicated to providing the most timely and relevant news, photos, video, and sports data about the NFL, Premier League, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAA Football and Basketball, and MLS. Our content is curated from over 10,000 global websites, newspapers, blogs, official team sites, and Twitter accounts.

Do you like to go to the mall and get all your shopping done in one trip? Well that is what FanFeedr is for a sports fan. We are a one stop shop for everything about your favorite team. Unlike or, we bring you the best and hottest stories across all mediums. We aggregate content from major sports media outlets, blogs, twitter and everything in between.

Why go anywhere else for your sports fix? It's all here.We are your sports fix.

Case Study: Football-itis. Millions of people suffer from Football-itis from August until February each year. It is a social and digital obsession that can not be easily treated. Most people are stricken with this ailment on Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays. It effects all ethnic groups, genders and ages. It is also known as the Pigskin Diversion.

People who suffer from Football-itis or the Pigskin diversion have their smart phone, IPAD, and/or laptop at arms length at all times. They develop carpal tunnels of the thumbs as they type away on Twitter or Facebook discussing the teams they swear allegiance to almost in cult like fashion. The victims’ eyes are usually bloodshot red from hours upon hours of reading up on breaking news and injury reports on sites such as FanFeedr, ESPN and Loved ones fear the worst as their husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers are unresponsive to them from 1PM-11PM on Sundays. They can only pray to hear cheers of jubilation or even screams in agony to ensure their loved ones are still breathing.

Football-litis is treatable but not easily. A person’s team has to be eliminated from playoff contention for them to lose interest and resume a normal life.  However, there could be traumatic effects if that person’s team loses in a heart-breaking fashion (just ask Patriots fans in 2007). In that case, all hope may be lost.

Mid-February is usually a time when the victims of the Pigskin diversion recover and can become productive members of society once again. The six month social and digital obsession that is American football is perceived as harmful to some but beautiful to others. It all depends on who wins the Super Bowl that year.

Check out FanFeedr for your sports obsession!

Photo via Sports Illustrated.