Green Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass

Russell Tencer is the CEO of Brooklyn, NY based Wind Analytics, a wind energy software company that enables property owners globally to generate on-site wind power.

Wind Analytics moved from Manhattan to the DUMBO area in Brooklyn in 2011 seeking more space and a fun place to build our company. We also knew that one day (and hopefully soon) the Brooklyn waterfront could become the new home to several wind energy projects and we wanted to be as close to that as possible. Everyone knows that New York City has a lot of waterfront property, but most are surprised to learn we have over 500 miles of it. It turns out that the best wind resources in NYC start along the waterfront from downtown Manhattan and go south. That includes DUMBO Brooklyn all the way to Far Rockaway, Queens as well as most of Staten Island.

Our firm is the advisor to some owners of these waterfront properties, and while everything we are working on is early in the planning phase, it looks very promising that wind turbines may be coming to Brooklyn as soon as next year. Distributed (on-site) wind energy is a fast growing segment of the wind power market globally. Property owners ranging from large companies and government agencies, to farmers and homeowners have started installing wind turbines on their properties in record numbers as the technology has become more affordable and software like the tools we provide make it easier than ever to understand the economics of wind.

There are some challenges to putting wind turbines in a large city. NYC is a very built up area which makes siting wind turbines more challenging due to the downstream turbulence that buildings and other structures cause. The waterfront helps to alleviate that issue since one direction is completely open when you are on or near the water. The turbine will perform best when the open direction matches up to the predominant wind direction.

Installing wind turbines in cities is a fairly new concept (although the NYC seal has a wind turbine right in the middle of it so maybe it would be considered an old concept). The cities we work with are just starting to plan these projects. Toronto has a large wind turbine installed right on the waterfront that has performed well, the project is called “Windshare”.

It’s exciting to see that these projects are now making their way to Brooklyn, and it’s great to be a part of it.

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