Great Posts from around DUMBO 8/4

Here's what's got our goat in DUMBO:

  • Freelancers Union gives us some solid advice on how not to freak out when giving a presentation. NONE of the tips involve picturing your audience in their underwear. Thanks for lying to us, Brady Bunch.
  • Melville House gets weird with a "very wordy and scientific" 1920s guide to sex that was recently returned to NYPL. It was past due prior to the Kennedy administration!
  • Hot enough for you? If not, Gothamist has the answer - watch your fellow New Yorkers sweat!
  • Swiss Miss alerts us to an epic Harvard University study that reveals everything men need to be happy in life. I'm sure it's a short read.
  • Offtrack Planet gives us some ideas for devouring gelato and pounding grape, but in a super classy way.
  • Finally, Gothamist links us to a story about THE MOST adorable animal ever! Go stare at pictures of Butterfly the geep and try not to smile. It's impossible!