Great Posts From Around DUMBO 8/12

Unwitting sanguinarians, two buck chuck, yurts, and the Bermuda Triangle: the basis of another Hangover film or this week's GPFAD?

You had a big weekend of sun and booze. Now you're back into the work week when time seemingly slows to a standstill. Brainpickings explains why you're not crazy -  time does indeed go more slowly while at work.

If the thought of a neverending workweek eats at your soul, go take the edge off with some of that cheap wine left over from the weekend...or maybe not. Gothamist tells us to prepare to drink some avian blood with that two buck chuck.

Speaking of hangovers, go torture your already stressed cerebellum with Off Track Planet's 6 MOST TERRIFYING FLIGHTS IN THE WORLD!

Want to go camping, but feel like all that dirt and spartan living would conflict with your fabulously glam lifestyle? Etsy gives us "glamping" tips such as replacing your tent with a spacious, cashmere-adorned yurt.

Melville House reminds us that Google and Barnes & Noble will soon form an epic gestalt to do battle with Amazon!

Mindbodygreen let's us know that French public school lunches are healthier and look better than anything you'll put in your mouth this year.

Swiss Miss alerts us to a water trampoline!

POV points us to the documentary The Two Escobars about Colombian soccer star Andres Escobar and the more notorious Pablo Escobar. What do these two have in common other than last name? Go check it out.