Great Posts from Around DUMBO 7/16/14

Here's your humpday edition of what's got DUMBO abuzz:

Brainpickings lets us in on how working for the wrong reasons can destroy your life. They examine Ray Bradbury's work here. Do what you LOVE.

And, if what you love is conversation, they also get Barbara Walters's tips on perfecting this lost art!

Worried about your digital security? Melville House reveals old-timey options officials in the German government are considering to remain secure in their papers.

My phone smells of rich mahogany. Etsy highlights the work of TMBR, who make everything from...timber! Go check out sculpted wood smartphone cases and wood sunglasses! You can now see the world through rose(wood)-colored glasses.

Gothamist tips us off to a new documentary about a legendary recording studio that housed music legends from Sonic Youth to Afrika Bambaata!

At Slow Food USA read about the odyssey of one farm-to-table chef as she does the unthinkable - participate in a Food Network timed challenge!

Finally, go check out Offtrack Planet's guide to the best places to play ping pong (the sober version or its hoppier cousin).