Great Posts from Around DUMBO: 7/11/2014

Here's what we're buzzing about at the end of this week:

  • Thinking of a way to repurpose your used coffee grounds? Brooklyn Roasting Company has informed us of a very useful solution for your spent beans.
  • Selfies are out. Shelfies are in. Etsy shows us how to liven up our bookshelves and take some beautiful shelf-portraits. You could make a whole book of shelf-portraits and then shelf-publish it!
  • Don't worry, that isn't a Death Star you just spotted. Gothamist informs us that this summer we'll experience three SUPERMOONS.
  • Gothamist also adds to the long list of reasons we're thankful to be in DUMBO - no pregnant tarantulas laying eggs in our mouths while we sleep.
  • FREE ICE CREAM...Wait, you're still here? Okay if you must know the details, West Elm is celebrating National Ice Cream Month by offering FREE ICE CREAM from 1 - 3pm on Saturday, July 19th! Stop by and get some yum!
  • Need a shot of inspiration? POV tells us about My Way to Olympia by the world's best-known disabled filmmaker, Niko von Glasgow. Experience his journey as he covers the Paralympics and meet an archer without arms and a paraplegic boccia player! Watch the full movie online until August 7.