Get Started with NYC New Business Acceleration Team

The NYC New Business Acceleration Team (NBAT) is an initiative providing new eating and drinking establishments with a streamlined program to become "kitchen ready" as quickly as possible. NBAT works to help businesses open faster by reducing the time and effort needed in order to meet basic City requirements. And best of all: it's a City resource that's totally free! 

NBAT provides client management services, an accelerated plan review process, and coordination of necessary inspections by regulatory agencies (i.e. FDNY, Dept of Buildings, Dept of Health). NBAT also engages in research and information dissemination to assist the small business community.  More at

There's also the NYC Restoration Business Acceleration Team (RBAT) that helps businesses affected by Sandy by coordinating the services, permitting and inspections needed to reopen as soon as possible.

So wether you're looking to start a new business, get assistance while recovering from Sandy or are an existing small business looking for resources, NYC NBAT & RBAT is a City resource that can help you do all of that faster.