January First Thursday Pick: Triangle Arts

As a lead-up to each First Thursday, DUMBO is Culture will be highlighting one of the exhibits and arts organizations driving the arts scene today. This month, we're featuring 111 Front Street's Triangle Arts Association, a non-profit that supports visual artists in more than 40 countries through workshops, residencies and exhibitions.

Triangle Arts' new exhibition, This is It! The Restless, a sculptural installation and book by The Fluff Construct, seems perfect for January, a month of post holiday/new years introspection, as it's designed to be an exploration of endings and beginnings: losses and gains, finality and transformation.

About Triangle Arts: Triangle Arts Association was founded in 1982 by the British sculptor Sir Anthony Caro and London based collector and founder of Gasworks, UK, Robert Loder, who sought to alleviate the loneliness of the studio. They crossed the pond and organized workshops with artists from New York, UK and Canada – thus forming the original “triangle”- and the waiting list for spots at the annual workshops continued to grow and today the network is comprised of members in nearly 40 countries.

Triangle Arts Association moved to downtown Manhattan in the 1990s, but lost their space to the terrorist attacks of September 11. Triangle relocated to its current location in DUMBO in 2002 and has been an active part of the local arts scene ever since.

Sarah Walko, Executive Director, tells us, "Triangle Gallery has been producing exhibitions of the work of Triangle artists in residence, workshop/residency alumni and extended community since June of 2011. Each exhibition presents the work of at least two artists, in diverse media, and highlights the multiplicity of approaches and outcomes that related ideas can yield. In turn, each show provides a forum for these various elements to coalesceand to interact with surrounding and extended communities, provoking fresh
insight and generating renewed intellectual and creative vigor."

Today, Triangle Arts maintains 6 studios ranging from 400-800 square feet, provided free of charge to a changing roster of dynamic local, national and international artists selected from hundreds of applicants.

About the current exhibit: "Our current show This is It! The Restless presents the work of Ethan Kruszka (an alumni of our Artists' Workshop) and his collaborator Mikel Bisbee-Durlam aka the Fluff Construct. In an attempt to represent the diversity of art practices within the Triangle extended community this show highlights performance and installation. It is also representative of the experimental platform upon which Triangle was initially formed in that we offered the gallery to the artists to create a new work that had never previously been made. True to Triangle's mission, Fluff Construct has used the gallery as a highly charged public environment in which a series of unpredictable formal and visual experiments transpire.

For the closing reception on January 5, the artists will entirely re-envision their artwork in a culminating gesture which will include live sound, performance and reworking of the various original sculptural elements."

Coming up at Triangle Arts: "Continuing on the theme of highlighting the myriad of artistic practices within the Triangle community, next month the gallery will host an entirely different exhibition. Curated by long standing board member Karen Wilken, "What Only Paint Can Do: an erratic selection of Triangle alumni," will present a survey of Triangle painters and discuss, through talks and panels, about the legacy and importance of painting in our Artists' Workshop and Residency. Showing artists will include: Andrew Baer, Frances Barth, Andrea Belag, Matthew Blackwell, Gregory Forstner, David Fratkin, Dana Gordon, Jill Nathanson, Summer Wheat, Alun Williams and more."

First Thursday hours are 6pm-9pm at the Triangle Arts gallery space at 111 Front Street-  Suite 222 and will include a closing performance for This is It! The Restless. A full First Thursday Itinerary is available through the DUMBO Decoder.