Etsy’s new HQ is all kinds of sustainable

Etsy has finally moved hundreds of employees from its headquarters on Water Street to around 200,000 square feet of former Watchtower warehouse. The company is taking sustainability very seriously; from specifically harnessing daylight in workspaces and planting a native grass green roof, to carefully hand-choosing every piece of artisan made art, furniture and accent in the building to be free of harmful toxins. Not only does the building visually embody sustainability, as per the Living Building Certification Etsy is aiming to be a net positive company — actually producing energy and improving the surrounding environment. This means that Etsy's cafeteria hires local chefs and catering companies twice a week, to be sure their staff is giving back to the local economy. Check out this beautiful sneak peak of the new Etsy offices and a write up of their sustainability goals!

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