Etsy Invites You to Reimagine the Marketplace

What does the creative economy of the future look? If you subscribe to Etsy's business philosophy, your answer might include the following: connected, human-scaled, joyful, and lasting. From March 22-24, Etsy invites industry innovators from around the globe -- we're talking names like Jeremy Rifkin, Majora Carter, Chris Anderson, Robin Chase, and of course Chad Dickerson --  to explore these topics at Hello Etsy: Reimagine the Marketplace, a two and a half day summit hosted at the Pratt Institute.

Through a series of talks and interactive workshops, Hello Etsy will address the future of consumption, new methods of production, alternative approaches to work, and more purposeful ways of doing business. (Etsy, of course, knows a thing or two about doing business. The international e-commerce powerhouse, headquartered at 55 Washington, notched nearly $1B in sales in 2012.)

"We've put together a stellar lineup of folks who will help us all reimagine the way that we do business," said Matt Stinchcomb, Etsy's VP of Brand & Social Responsibility. "My hope is that this event will be an inspiration to and provide a blueprint for other companies and individuals in the DUMBO community who believe that success need not come at the expense of people or the planet, nor be measured solely in dollars and cents. "

Hello Etsy tickets are priced at $85, but we've got a special discount for the DUMBO community --  take $10 off when you purchase tickets online using promo code DumboEtsy13. An additional $10 from each ticket sale will go towards rebuilding from the fire that ripped through Pratt's main building on Feb 15.
Photo of Etsy CEO Chad Dickerson via XOXO